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Don't throw away your ashes, they're valuable!

Wondering what to do with the 50 pounds of wood ash your cord left behind?  Here are a few ideas of what to do with the useful, mineral rich dust.

1. Melt Snow & Ice:  Liberally sprinkle ashes on a snow packed or ice covered driveway to help melt snow and ice.  This method is safer for your grass & plants then sidewalk salt or ice melt chemicals.

2. Pet Odors:  Rub dry fine ash on your dog or cat to help rid nasty odors.

3. Lawn Care: Spread ashes across your lawn to help achieve a full green lawn.  Just like fertilzer, don't over do it!  Wood ash contains 10-25% calcium, 1-4% magnesium, 5-15% potassium and 1-3% phosphorus.

4. Glass Cleaner: Make a paste by mixing ash and water and rub on tough glass stains.  This is very useful in removing streaks from your fireplace doors.

5. Tomatoes:  Tomato plants love wood ash and you can place up to 1/4 cup directly into a fresh hole.  These happy plants will reward you with large, tasty tomatoes!

6. Oil & Paint: When you spill oil or paint on the garage floor, use dry wood ash to help pick up the spill and remove the stain.

7. Gardens: Sprinkle ash in your gardens for healthy fruits and veggies.  Place ash around the base of plants in a thick circle to ward off slugs, snails and other veggie eatin' bugs.

8. Compost: Mix small amounts of ash in compost to help enrich all your favorite plants.

9. Slippery Walks:  A small amount of ash goes a long way with slippery, wet cement.

10. Feet: Place the fine dust in small amounts inside of stinky shoes to help eleminate odors.  Use as much as you need, it is safe and non-toxic.  Everyone around you will be happier!

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