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What does "Urban Firewood" mean?

Reasons to love our Firewood!

Our goal is to bring low cost firewood to the market with the smallest environmental impact possible.  We utilize the "urban forest" to secure our raw material; this means that we only use firewood that is cut within city limits.  We do not fell living trees for firewood, we use wood that is left from land clearing projects, arborist's left overs, home projects, forest fires or trees that fell naturally.  We believe that by maintaining the health of our forests we are doing our part to help the next generation have clean water, fresh air and a beautiful Colorado.

Breath easy knowing that you are warming your home with wood secured right here in Colorado Springs!

  • 100% American Energy     Actually 100% Colorado energy. You get the satisfaction knowing you got your heat & energy locally from your community .


  • Save Landfill Space     Next time you burn look at your firewood.  That's exactly how much landfill space YOU saved!  Together we save tens of thousands of feet of waste!


  • Carbon Neautral    By burning our local firewood you make a difference with greenhouse gases.  The CO2 released during the burning process is equal to the CO2 sequestered (or trapped) when the tree grew...unlike fuels that have been trapped under the earth for millions of years.


  • Local Economy & Community      Using our wood not only cleans up our community (by removing deadwood) it also supports our local economy.  We are a Colorado Springs based company.


  • Protect the Duff      The duff is the layer of the forest floor made of dead & decomposing plants (wood) and animals.  It is a complex mix of fungi, bacteria and organics and is where dead material is recycled into usavble nutrients.  These nutrients are used by the next generation of plants & animals.  The duff layer also cleans water and supports a healthy atmosphere.  You are helping protect this vital  layer by using our firewood which is sourced within city limits and not from our forests.


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