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  • Premium Pine Mix: May include ponderosa, Douglas fir, white fir, blue spruce and other regional species.  A premium softwood mix that is great for fireplaces and stoves. Average length: 16" 
  • Kiln Dried Fir Mix: A premium softwood mix that has been kiln dried. This mix is easier to start, and will dry back out much faster after rain/snow. Great for ambiance and those looking for a cozy, low maintenance fire. Note: "Kiln Dried" denotes a process that the logs have gone through, however it is still subject to getting wet if there has been rain/snow. Average length: 16"
  • Regional Hardwood Mix: [sold out for the season]An all hardwood mix that may include maple, elm, ash, locust and other regional hardwood species.  Note: Hardwood firewood pieces are not as uniform in size as our other mixes and are better suited for average-large stoves/fireplaces.  While we still aim for 16" average length, this mix may contain shorter/wider chunks, as well as longer, more narrow pieces. Hardwoods are much harder to light & burn than pine; recommended for experienced burners.  Higher maintenance. Our best heating mix. 



Kindling: Small to medium pieces of wood debris, which may include hardwood and softwood. This 20 gallon bag is perfect to meet one of the necessary steps in building a fire.
Sawdust: Wood shavings sold in a 30 gallon bag. These are shavings that come from the cutting process of producing firewood. Includes coarse to fine wood sawdust.
Hardwood Shake: The bark from regional hardwoods. Shake differs from kindling significantly as it is thicker and burns much longer. Length will range from roughly 5-18 inches. This bark is sold in 20 gallon bags and is less expensive than firewood. Hardwood shake provides a unique and economical burning experience and is a great alternative to traditional firewood. It is also commonly used as a replacement for charcoal in charcoal burning grills and ovens as it produces very hot coals. Please note: you should expect a slightly faster burning fire that results in hot coals. Shake can be used as a replacement to firewood in any wood burning application. Hardwood shake produces slightly more ash than typical firewood (see: Great Ideas Rise From the Ashes for uses of ashes). Kindling is highly recommended to ignite hardwood shake.

  • Kindling.................$3/bag

  • Saw Dust.............. $3/bag

  • Hardwood Shake...$6/bag

  • Chopping Block.....$20     



Pick up is subject to availability.

Cords/cord fractions NOT available for pick up. 

Wheelbarrow Loads:​

Premium Pine Mix:
$15/wheelbarrow load

Kiln Dried Fir Mix:
$18/wheelbarrow load
Regional Hardwood Mix:
(available April-June)
$22/wheelbarrow load

Approx. 5 store size bundles per load!
Great for car trunks and SUV's!

   Cord Prices, Delivered

(El Paso County*)

*Excluding Manitou Springs, Crystal Park,

Old Stage Rd & any switchbacks.



          Full Cord......$260           

           1/2 Cord.......$180           

  1/4 Cord.......$115   



Full Cord......$306

 1/2 Cord......$205

 1/4 Cord......$125


           Full Cord.....$375          

         1/2 Cord.......$240         

    1/4 Cord......$145    




     Full Cord.....$318

      1/2 Cord.....$210

      1/4 Cord.....$130



(note:only the fir mix is kiln dried)

Full Cord.....$341

1/2 Cord......$223

 1/4 Cord.....$135

Fill out an online delivery request 

and we will contact you by your

preferred contact method to schedule.

Pickup Truck Loads: 

Pickup truck prices are for

thrown/tossed level bed loads.

(not available for delivery)

Premium Pine Mix

​     8 ft Bed....... $120

     6 ft Bed....... $100

   5 ft Bed....... $90

   4 ft Bed....... $80


Kiln Dried Fir Mix

​8 ft Bed....... $143​

6 ft Bed....... $123

5 ft Bed....... $113

4 ft Bed.......$103

Regional Hardwood Mix​

(available April-June)

​ 8ft Bed....... $185

6 ft Bed....... $165

5 ft Bed....... $155

​4 ft Bed....... $145


Our loader bucket is specially built for firewood. Six buckets is 1 cord. Feel free to ask for a full trailer, or a set number of buckets.

Premium Pine Mix


Kiln Dried Fir Mix


Regional Hardwood Mix

(available April-June)


Bulk Kindling 

Wood debris leftover from firewood processing; may include off spec sizes of firewood that are mulch sized to small firewood size. Recommended Use: kindling, outdoor fires, wood fired boilers, & alternative ground cover.


Stacking Service

starting at $60/cord
If you would like your order stacked, please add-on stacking service at the time you place your order for delivery.
We charge $60+ a distance fee of $0.50/ft per cord*, measured from delivery vehicle to your desired stack location. Path must be cleared of any debris/snow & accessible by wheelbarrow. Restrictions may apply. Only available before 2pm, and may increase delivery wait time.
(*1/2 cords are charged $0.50/ft distance, 1/4 cords are charged $.025/ft distance.) 

Cord prices listed include free delivery to addresses within El Paso County*. 

*Excluding Crystal Park, CO.

*Minimum order may apply.

*Scheduled deliveries subject

to change due to

weather/road conditions.

*Other exclusions may apply.

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