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  • Classic Pine Mix: May include ponderosa, Douglas fir, white fir, blue spruce and other regional species.  Includes wood sourced from forest fires and may contain more debris than other mixes. Great for camping and fire pits. Pick up only, when available. Average length: 16" 
  • Premium Pine Mix: Primarily ponderosa and Douglas Fir.  A premium softwood mix that is great for fireplaces and stoves. Average length: 16" 
  • Kiln Dried Pine Mix: (temporarily out of stock) A premium softwood mix that has been kiln dried. This mix is easier to start, and will dry back out much faster after rain/snow. Great for ambiance and those looking for a cozy, low maintenance fire. Average length: 16"
  • Regional Hardwood Mix: May include maple, elm, ash, locust and other regional hardwood species.  (Please note: hardwood firewood pieces are not as uniform in size as our other mixes and are better suited for large stoves/fireplaces.)  Hardwoods are much harder to light & burn than pine; recommended for experienced burners.  Higher maintenance. Our best heating mix. 


Pick up is subject to availability.


Cords/cord fractions NOT available for pick up. 

Wheelbarrow Loads:

Classic Pine Mix:

$12/wheelbarrow load 

Premium Pine Mix:

$15/wheelbarrow load

Kiln Dried Pine Mix:

$18/wheelbarrow load


Regional Hardwood Mix:

$20/wheelbarrow Load

Approx. 5 store size bundles per load!

Great for car trunks and SUV's!

   Cord Prices, Delivered

(El Paso County*)

*Excluding Crystal Park. $50 delivery fee

to Crystal Park and delivery to

Crystal Park only available May 15 - Oct 1 and stacking is unavailable.



          Full Cord......$255           

           1/2 Cord.......$175           

  1/4 Cord.......$105   



 (temporarily out of stock)

Full Cord......$300

 1/2 Cord......$205

 1/4 Cord......$120


           Full Cord.....$325          

         1/2 Cord.......$220         

         1/4 Cord......$130        

Fill out an online delivery request 

and we will contact you by your

preferred contact method to schedule. 

  Pickup Truck Loads (currently unavailable)

        (not available for delivery)

     Classic Pine Mix

  • 8ft Bed  -thrown-level    $100

          -stacked-level    $120

  • 6ft Bed  -thrown-level    $80

  -stacked-level    $100

  • 5ft Bed  -thrown-level    $70

  -stacked-level    $85

  • 4ft Bed  -thrown-level    $60

          -stacked-level    $75

 Premium Pine Mix

  • 8ft Bed  -thrown-level    $115

                  -stacked-level    $135

  • 6ft Bed  -thrown-level    $95

                    -stacked-level​   $115

  • 5ft Bed  -thrown-level    $85

                    -stacked-level   $105​

  • 4ft Bed  -thrown-level    $75

                  -stacked-level    $95​

Kiln Dried Pine Mix

(temporarily out of stock)

  • 8ft Bed -thrown-level     $135

                  -stacked-level    $155​

  • 6ft Bed -thrown-level     $115

                 -stacked-level     $135​

  • 5ft Bed -thrown-level     $105

                 -stacked-level     $120​

  • 4ft Bed -thrown-level     $95

                  -stacked-level    $110​

Regional Hardwood Mix

  • 8ft Bed -thrown-level      $160

                -stacked-level      $180​

  • 6ft Bed -thrown-level      $140

                -stacked-level      $160

  • 5ft Bed -thrown-level      $130

                -stacked-level      $145

  • 4ft Bed -thrown-level      $120

                -stacked-level      $135


Pickup truck prices are for level bed loads.

>>Trailer loads can only be purchased

during off season (April-July).<<


Stacking Service


If you would like your order stacked, please add-on stacking service at the time you place your order for delivery.

**Driver must be able to back up

to within 5' of the stacking area**

(Additional distance fee is $0.50/ft, measured from delivery vehicle to you desired stack location, & must be accessible by wheelbarrow.)

Cord prices listed include free delivery to addresses within El Paso County*. 

* Excluding Crystal Park, CO.

*Minimum order may apply.

*Scheduled deliveries subject to change due to weather/road conditions.

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